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  The development of enterprises is the management team continue to explore the process of practice, review development process, mainly divided into two stages: start-up period (2002-2008), the second venture period (2009-2013);

  Start-up period (2002-2008)

  Due to the joint efforts of all employees, employees developed to dozens ,products from one developed to four, a dozen models and specifications, smoothly passed ISO9001 / 13485 international quality system certification and medical device quality system certification, got name of national high-tech enterprises and high-tech product certification, including patents eight pcs, Chinese trademarks four pcs, and two software copyrights, laid a solid foundation for the development of enterprises;

  Second pioneering period (2009-2013)

  Report: January 16, 2002, officially settled in National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone biomedical industry park;

  April 15, 2002 by the provincial and city Food and Drug Administration review, get Ⅱ Class Ⅲ class medical device manufacturing qualification;

  March 7, 2003, passed the state assessment center review of medical devices, LG2000 Series Anorectal treating device received State Food and Drug Administration Measures Ⅲ category of medical device product registration card;

  April 23, 2003, Anorectal treating device obtained two national patents (BEIM), since then have independent intellectual property rights;

  July 7, 2003,reviewed by State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office , issued a trademark registration;

  August 25, 2003, been identified as high-tech enterprises in Henan Province Science and Technology Department, at the same time, LG2000 Series Anorectal treating device obtained high-tech product certification;

  April 5, 2004 passed through ISO9001 / ISO13458 international quality management system certification and medical device quality management system certification;

  July 20, 2004, won the Zhengzhou High-tech Zone enterprise technology innovation special fund projects funding;

  September 1, 2004, customer service department moved to Zhengzhou Jingsan Rd. Fortune Plaza A 1203;

  August 9, 2005, LG2000 Series Anorectal treating device obtained national certificate of Exporting Sales of medical devices;

  September 5, 2005, approved by the State gained autonomy in foreign trade business licenes;

  December 2006, SAFUTE signed a cooperation agreement in Vietnam South Asia, LG2000 type Anorectal treating device for the first time exported to Vietnam market;

  2007 .1.15 LG2000 type Anorectal physiotherapy treating device issued by the provincial Food and Drug Administration ,got Medical Device Registration Certificate;

  2007.4 Safute move to No. 8 Guohuai street, High-tech Zone torch buildings

  2007. 7--9 by SAIC Trademark Office audit, issued SAFUTE international trademarks and Chinese trademarks;

  2008.10 postpartum rehabilitation comprehensive treating device issued by the provincial Food and Drug Administration ,got Medical Device Registration Certificate;

  2009 and 2010 consecutive two years was named Zhengzhou City, the "Best Employers integrity unit";

  2008 bear research projects of Zhengzhou City Science and Technology Bureau, 2010, 2012, Henan Province, undertaken scientific and technological research program ;

  2012 Anorectal treating device, Infrared low-frequency comprehensive treating device, postpartum rehabilitation treating device was selected to the list the State Drug Administration. "

  2011 Edition Chinese medical equipment "recommended products catalog.