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  My company in 2003 through the ISO13485 and ISO9001 quality management system certification of medical devices. Existing third-party certification of internal auditors by 4 , with periodic internal audits, management review to ensure the effective operation of the quality system, to enhance and improve enterprise management level, to avoid legal risks. Our company produces have to undergo a rigorous factory testing with each product and organize technical strength of to each products sampling timelessly. We strictly control product quality, enhance and ensure the level of product quality, has created more large economic benefits. We set up a quality management team regularly organize product quality and safety analysis meeting , in order to ensure product quality we announced to public commitment not to produce non-compliant products , all these methods, enhance the competitiveness of our products, improve the product's market share.

  Safute developed a quality policy, and in the framework of the development of the quality of the quality policy objectives:

  1, Quality Objectives

  Pragmatic innovation, continuous improvement, to ensure product quality and safe and effective, High quality, precision, sophisticated;

  The quality objectives:

  A one-time inspection pass rate ≧ 96%

  Product delivery pass rate of ≧ 100%

  Incoming inspection rate ≧ 100

  Customer satisfaction rate≧96% ≧ 96%

  Every year the company regularly sends employees to participate in quality management training and various technical training courses to improve staff quality management knowledge and skills, promote the formation of good quality manage their daily Working Rules! To better serve the work to ensure high quality and high standards.